The point here is that The Chaos is the sound of a band without any preconceived notion of how to make an album, and it’s a fascinating product from a band that’s been doing it for as long as this lot. They don’t seem to have any fear of being compared to bands that have come before, and they don’t seem to have any fear of repercussions from a fanbase that’s been following them since 2004. They’re playing like they have nothing to lose, which makes them a dangerous band indeed.

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In the time since the original release of Hello Nasty a whole alternative scene of hip-hop has flourished on the use of surreal lyrics, cartoon quotations, twisted musical paths, and wayward aliases. If the album seems less unusual than it did on its appearance in 1998, its inventiveness should not be overlooked. Five albums in, the Beastie Boys were still able to set the controls for another dimension.

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